Going Ape!

The party finally found Cihuatlco, once there they immediately headed for the ziggurat. After sneaking through the back entrance Bort decided to wait outside as lookout while Samel and El-Way went exploring the inside. The two friends found Cuicatl – the chieftain’s daughter they had been looking for – but she appeared to be brainwashed and was being guarded by a mummified girallon. Meanwhile, Bort was ambushed by several angry apes. The two battles raged simultaneously and although everyone fought ferociously, El-Way found himself on the brink of death. Luckily, Bort arrived at the least second, yelling his signature battle cry (Bort bort bort!) and landed the killing blow to the girallon. Once her mummified guarding was defeated, the party was able to bring Cuicatl back to her father; but not before Bort took some of the all-healing bark to bring back to the land of the minotaur. Thanks to the heroes, the natives of Jocotopec and Itzlico will be able to return to the lost city of Cihuatlco and should never again run out of food or water.



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