The story so far...

Samel and Inukshuk are adventures from the far north, they have recently wandered to the great Tchaka desert. There, they arrived in the capital city of Yeboah and were commissioned to clear out a nearby town of it’s kruthik infestation. The kruthik’s were believed to have tunneled into the burial grounds, causing the dead to wake from their slumber. There in the hive they encountered El-Way, a goliath barbarian exiled from his mountain home, who agreed to join them. Upon entering the main chamber of the kruthik hive they were faced with a giant multi-faced crystal that was pulsing with necrotic energy. After destroying it and killing the kruthik leader, they returned to Yeboah to tell Bokhari, the wemic king of the desert, that someone had planted the necrotic crystal purposely.

Bokhari asked the heroes to investigate the source of this attack, but before leaving Samel, El-Way and Inukshuk decided to visit the local tavern for a drink. There they met Bortteriuk of Clan Tharos (Bort) a minotaur rune priest from the southern continent who came to Tchaka in order to find a cure for the disease plaguing his people – hoof-rot. The party agreed to help Bort find the cure he was looking for in return for his service; and off they went to meet with the first of the suspects: the red-scale lizardfolk….

After journeying far to the western edge of the desert the lizard-folk proved to be innocent, however they were able to offer some advice: the black-scales from the southern swaps were planning on attacking Yeboah to end the rule of the wemics and sought the help of the orcs and the gnolls.

So, Samel, Bort, El-Way and Inukshuk headed to Red River Canyon to meet with the orcs. There they discovered that there was in fact a rebellious faction that decided to join the lizard-folk: The Nuutshakh. After many difficult battles the heroes were able to end the rebellion by killing the corpulent leader of the Nuutshakh. They discovered that these orcs had been smuggling the bark of a tree growing in the northern jungles that was supposed to be able to cure any illness. Bort, seeing a way to cure his people, asked the group if they could seek this tree and it was agreed. In the jungle the four friends found another, a shadar-kai druid named Razvahn who was able to lead them through the jungle. After a great battle with a dire tapir the party found the village of Jocotopec. Here the chieftain told them that his daughter had gone missing and asked for their assistance. The party agreed and found her under mind control in the lost city of Cihuatlco. After defeating the mummified guardian, the group was able to find the chieftain’s daughter and the bark Bort was looking for.
Going Ape!

The party finally found Cihuatlco, once there they immediately headed for the ziggurat. After sneaking through the back entrance Bort decided to wait outside as lookout while Samel and El-Way went exploring the inside. The two friends found Cuicatl – the chieftain’s daughter they had been looking for – but she appeared to be brainwashed and was being guarded by a mummified girallon. Meanwhile, Bort was ambushed by several angry apes. The two battles raged simultaneously and although everyone fought ferociously, El-Way found himself on the brink of death. Luckily, Bort arrived at the least second, yelling his signature battle cry (Bort bort bort!) and landed the killing blow to the girallon. Once her mummified guarding was defeated, the party was able to bring Cuicatl back to her father; but not before Bort took some of the all-healing bark to bring back to the land of the minotaur. Thanks to the heroes, the natives of Jocotopec and Itzlico will be able to return to the lost city of Cihuatlco and should never again run out of food or water.


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